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Phoenix Dyslexia AD/HD Learning Center

Adults and Children Rising Above Learning Challenges

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We are a proud provider of the Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program. A revolutionary approach to overcoming symptoms caused by dyslexia and ADD/HD.

Phoenix Dyslexia AD/HD Learning Center uses techniques that target symptoms that interfere with learning and cause learning disabilities. People with dyslexia often struggle with phonics, comprehension, and/or spelling and often times writing. Each program works specifically focusing on the strengths of individual learning styles. Goals are set by each client to accomplish the most effective and rewarding results.

People struggling with reading difficulties, comprehension problems, lack of focus, poor handwriting or spelling are all helped with our programs.

Math problems, number reversals, math concepts and difficulty with sequencing can make it impossible to advance in math. Phoenix Dyslexia AD/HD Learning Center offers math programs that address dyscalcula and other math problems. Math Programs offer solutions and correct learning problems associated with numbers and math.

Dyslexia is a gift as described in Ron Davis’s book, The Gift of Dyslexia.

Many dyslexics exhibit characteristics of gifted students, they have great imaginations, excel at art, math, science and sports. Maybe they are gifted engineers, are able to create and build woodworking projects. Often parents of dyslexics tell us they love science and have a “special connection” to animals. The gifts are endless. Click here to read more about successful and gifted dyslexics. However; symptoms that cause learning disabilities are created by having these gifts. Some times, it is due to the over active imagination that they can’t turn off and focus. It can be because they see most words in pictures and therefore don’t read using phonics. They may have the ability to see in multi-dimensional pictures, interfering with linear reading. At Phoenix Dyslexia AD/HD Learning center, we use programs to allow for control of these symptoms, not erasing them. Therefore, embracing the abilities, while controlling the disabilities.

If you or someone you know has many gifts that allow for exceptional creativity, or ability to picture or imagine things, or maybe have a special ability to do math “in your head” or has an endless ability to focus on one thing, while at the same time no ability to focus on required tasks, then this drug free, innovative approach to controlling and unlocking potential is the answer. Our clients come to us needing help with dyslexia, help with reading, unable to learn math at school, failing classes and in need of tutoring, struggling with attention deficit disorder, or hyperactivity.

Many of these issues can be addressed in a 30-40 hour program and can change your life.

Visit our Services page to learn more about a program to address your symptoms and help you achieve your goals.