GaynellePhotoPhoenix Dyslexia AD/HD Learning Center’s mission is to provide personalized, high-quality programs using the Davis® Dyslexia and Attention Mastery Techniques.

Gaynelle Crofts, Owner and Facilitator, has been using the Davis® tools personally for over 30 years. After years of struggling with difficulties caused by her dyslexia, she had given up on school in general and had accepted what the system had claimed for years. She was not teachable and difficult to manage in the school system. Her teachers considered her “bright” but mistook her confusion and lack of ability to learn as “unwilling to learn” She was then sent to an alternative school in her hometown. It was there that her new teachers saw her gifts and sought to find help with her reading disability. This brought them to learn about the Davis® tools.

The teachers were taught the techniques and were so excited about the research and work Ron Davis was doing that they introduced the techniques to 23 out of the 25 students attending school at that time. 

After the Davis® tools were introduced in the middle of her sophomore year, she showed immediate improvement in her attitude about school and learning, then by the end of the year, her grades had risen to all A’s and B’s. This allowed her to graduate with her class with a 3.2 GPA. Her parents had given up believing she would ever graduate, but with her ability to use the tools and overcome her reading difficulties she had no problems with her school work.

Since graduating she has continued her education in difficult subjects requiring intense reading, comprehension and testing. She is a nationally registered EMT, licensed EMT in 3 US states, she carries her Firefighter 1 certification, is CPR and first aide certified and serves her community as a volunteer at her local department.

Gaynelle believes in the Davis® approach so much that she has facilitated the tools to her own children, which she home schools. Her entire family uses the Davis® tools in all aspects of their lives.

Due to homeschooling and having flexibility, Phoenix Dyslexia AD/HD has many different scheduling options available to suit your needs. Phoenix Dyslexia AD/HD Learning Center currently provides programs and assessments at the office in Charlotte County FL. Traveling is an option, please advise on location when you contact us.

To schedule an assessment or find more information, please email or call: 941-769-1864