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Every program offered is available only after thorough evaluation. Email or call today to get started. No cost, no obligation. I will answer questions and guide you through the next step. Typically, I suggest the client review/fill out the free online assessment.

All programs are conducted one on one and are drug free. Please inform us of any medications prior to beginning programs. An assessment is performed at initial consultations and cost 150.00, fee is applied to program​ cost.


Davis Dyslexia Correction® program is generally a 30 hour program. This program is designed to help with reading difficulties, reading disability and or reading delays. The program can also address comprehension problems, letter and number reversals, poor spelling and help people who are unable to learn using phonics. Davis Orientation Counseling®tools are introduced and practiced throughout the week. Alphabet and reading excercises are completed while practicing using the tools.  The client focuses on goals that are set at the beginning of the program. Goals, use of tools and all excercises are closely monitored and skills developed over the course of the program, providing each client with their own individual experience. Each client gains confidence in gaining control over disorientation that causes symptoms of dyslexia and learning difficulties. The program begins with symptoms profile review and perceptual ability assessment to determine goals and tools to be provided.

Program includes assessment fee of 150.00 due at initial consultation, full Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program with client kit and all support training held on last day of program. Also includes up to 5 hours of continuing support after completion of the program.


Program cost $3200.00


Davis Math Mastery® Program focuses on fundamentals of math using Davis® concepts. The program generally completes after 40 hours of introducing and practicing concepts in math. This program can help with number recognition, number reversals, inability to calculate, inability to write math or complete equations “on paper”. The orientation tools are introduced and practiced while using clay to master math concepts for primary picture thinkers. Math skills are focused on age appropriate materials, while personal goals are set and worked toward throughout the program.

Program includes assessment fee of 150.00 due at initial consultation, full Davis Math Mastery® Program, client kit and all support training held on last day of program. Also includes up to 5 hours of continuing support after completion of program.

Program cost $3400.00


Davis® Attention Mastery Program addresses symptoms related to attention deficit/hyperactive disorder (ADD and ADHD) problems. The program lasts 40-60 hours and focuses on concepts developed by Ron Davis® to address symptoms caused by attention deficit, hyperactivity and other attention problems. Learning disabilities caused by attention deficits of hyperactivity can be addressed individually, as needed. During the program Davis Orientation Counseling® tools are introduced and practiced throughout the program. Concepts are mastered in clay and explored over the course of the program. Goals are established and the client uses tools and new knowledge of concepts to achieve those goals. The client also practices at the end of the program to gain experience in the real world and apply skills and tools appropriately in order to function in ways never understood prior to having tools and true understanding of life concepts.

The program includes assessment fee of 150.00 due at initial consultation, full attention mastery program, client kit and all support training held on last day of the program. Also includes up to 10 hours of continued support after completion of the program. The attention mastery program requires an at home visit toward the end of the program for real life practicing, this is included in cost of program.  Please remember, all programs are drug free, please inform us of any medications in advance so individual arrangements can be made.

Program cost $4200.00


Poor handwriting can be addressed using Davis® handwriting tools. Handwriting programs are best completed with Davis Dyslexia Correction® Programs.

Contact us for more information on adding to the Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program or individual handwriting problems.



Used for clients 5-7 years old. The program focuses on preventing the development of learning problems in “at risk” children. The program introduces the concept of “focus” and sets the foundation for learning in a school setting. The program works with the child and parent/caregiver on these concepts and tools. The parent/caregiver is guided through program, along with the child, in learning foundations in focusing, reading, writing, math and spelling.

Contact us for more information on this program.

All client kits include: Backpack, Koosh balls, clay, clay cutter, student manual and all appropriate reference books to complete program selected.

All clients are thoroughly assessed to establish need of program and proper fit of each program, in addition, client motivation must be identified prior to agreement being signed. Program success is based upon client motivation and goals being met. Unsuccessful programs will generate a refund of all monies and cancelation of agreement. Lack of symptoms, symptoms outside scope of Davis® Programs or lack of client motivation will result in additional recommendations outside of Phoenix Dyslexia AD/HD Learning Center.

Assessment fee of 150.00 is nonrefundable.